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A risk-reward fast paced matching-puzzle game.

Build up chains of fun and colourful diseases and score them quickly to maximise your score. Be careful of going too big as the annoying antibodies will be trying to stop you.

Floating in Earth orbit in the year 2415 you are just another Robodoc operator. With the increasing developments in nanotechnology all diseases can be cured at a nano scale. The Robodoc was developed to capture and eliminate microscopic disease particles in the body. However the patient's antibodies have a nasty habit of detecting Robodoc as a threat. To counter this operators have been employed to manually pilot the Robodocs. With an increasing number of new alien species beginning to visit the planet skilled pilots are in demand more than ever before to deal with each species' new and unique antibodies.


  • Addictive action puzzle gameplay. Build up your chains for higher points and risk losing it all to interfering antibodies

  • Evolving arcade mode that gets harder as you improve

  • Three additional antibody types not available in the free version

  • Over 30 challenge levels to test your skills against


  • Left touch pad to move

  • Right touch pad to rotate

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